Therapy Assistants

Therapy Assistants

Therapy Assistants help children and teens to achieve their therapy goals by working as part of the Talk Plus team to implement therapy programs.

Therapy Assistants (interchangeable with the term allied health assistants) implement the therapy program developed by one of our speech pathologists or occupational therapists for your child or teen. Our Therapy Assistants provide support in individual, paired or small group sessions.

Your child’s therapy program is reviewed and updated by the therapist with regular feedback from the Therapy Assistant. Our Therapy Assistants receive ongoing training, supervision and support from our therapy team.

There are many benefits of Therapy Assistant sessions, including:

Access to More Hours of Support

Therapy assistant sessions allow for more intensive support and repetition, which can help your child achieve therapy goals sooner.

We know juggling home, work and life, along with home practise can be challenging at times, particularly for children needing more intensive practice or families who have other children with additional needs.

Services in the Community

Therapy assistant sessions can support children to develop their skills in the community or in their familiar environment, including sessions at school, kindergarten or child care.

Sessions can also focus on practising therapy goals in everyday settings, such as at the shops.

Help to Generalise Skills

Therapy assistant sessions are beneficial to help generalise skills into a small group with peers.

For example, children and teens who have practised developing social communication or emotional regulation skills in individual sessions with their therapist, can benefit from practising these skills with peers in small group sessions supported by the therapy assistant.

Small group sessions offered include cooking groups and interest-based social communication groups.

Our Services

We’re here to support children and teens develop their skills and grow in confidence so they can achieve their full potential. Our team provides high quality speech pathology and occupational therapy services individualised for your child and family. We offer the convenience of services in one location at our practice in Caloundra, as well as services at school, kindy or by telehealth.

Getting Started

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