Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists support children and teens to improve their communication skills, including talking and listening, reading and spelling as well as social communication.

Speech pathologists are allied health professionals who provide assessment, diagnosis and therapy to support people with communication difficulties. Speech pathologists also help with swallowing and feeding difficulties. Support can be provided in individual, paired or small group sessions.

Speech pathologists help children and teens who have difficulty in areas including:


  • Pronouncing words clearly
  • Using clear speech that is easily understood by others

Oral Language

  • Late talkers
  • Understanding spoken language (eg. concepts and following directions)
  • Using spoken language (eg. correct vocabulary and sentence structure)
  • Understanding and using text structures (eg. narratives)

Written Language

  • Reading and spelling
  • Reading comprehension
  • Phonological processing

Social Communication

  • Conversational skills (eg. starting and maintaining a conversation)
  • Non-verbal skills (eg. taking turns)


  • Stuttering, where speech sounds, words or phrases are repeated
  • ‘Blocks’ where it is difficult for the word to be said


  • Husky or raspy voice quality

Our Strategy

Speech pathologists use evidence-based strategies to provide an individualised service tailored to each child’s needs, goals and interests.

Therapy sessions are designed to be engaging and motivating for your child, while developing their skills. The speech pathologist also provides you with information, strategies and resources to support your child or teen at home.

Communication is more than just talking. Speech pathologists also work with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), such as key word sign, visuals and devices, to support children’s communication skills.

Our Services

We’re here to support children and teens develop their skills and grow in confidence so they can achieve their full potential. Our team provides high quality speech pathology and occupational therapy services individualised for your child and family. We offer the convenience of services in one location at our practice in Caloundra, as well as services at school, kindy or by telehealth.

Getting Started

Contact our Client Care team to find out more about how we can support your child.