Early Childhood Teacher

Early Childhood Teacher

Early Childhood Teachers provide young children with a positive and enriching learning experience during their early years of development.

At Talk Plus, our Early Childhood Teacher provides support for kindy and pre-kindy aged children to promote a range of developmental areas and skills ready for Prep.

Our Early Childhood Teacher provides support in our small group program called Little Learners, as well as paired and individual sessions. Sessions with our Early Childhood Teacher can provide additional practise towards therapy goals, working in collaboration with our therapy team.

Little Learners: Small Group Support

Little Learners is a play-based early intervention program for kindy and pre-kindy aged children with developmental difficulties, facilitated by our Early Childhood Teacher and Therapy Assistant.

Little Learners provides an inclusive small group environment for children to learn and play, with up to six children in each group. Little Learners focuses on developing skills in a range of learning areas, including social communication, language, fine motor, gross motor and emotional regulation skills.

By supporting children to practise these skills with peers, we prepare children for more successful interactions in play activities during playdates, when at their regular kindy and transitioning to Prep.

The activities are tailored to the children’s individual abilities and interests to help them achieve their goals.

Our Services

We’re here to support children and teens develop their skills and grow in confidence so they can achieve their full potential. Our team provides high quality speech pathology and occupational therapy services individualised for your child and family. We offer the convenience of services in one location at our practice in Caloundra, as well as services at school, kindy or by telehealth.

Getting Started

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