Talk Plus offers telehealth services, where speech pathology and occupational therapy sessions are delivered online. Telehealth is similar to other video conferencing platforms, where you can see and hear the other person in real time.

Both your child and the therapist can see and talk with each other on screen and it feels like sitting face-to-face! Therapy worksheets and resources, as well as a writing board if needed, can be shared with your child.

Telehealth offers the convenience of sessions at home, without having to travel to appointments. It can offer the opportunity to continue to access therapy support, even if someone in your house is unwell and unable to come to the clinic. Evidence shows that therapy support can be provided effectively via telehealth.

Our Services

We’re here to support children and teens develop their skills and grow in confidence so they can achieve their full potential. Our team provides high quality speech pathology and occupational therapy services individualised for your child and family. We offer the convenience of services in one location at our practice in Caloundra, as well as services at school, kindy or by telehealth.

Getting Started

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